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AG Moreira’s departments have the expertise to make quick decisions and operate efficiently in the areas of production, research and registration of trademarks, patents, industrial designs, copyrights, software, technology transfer contracts, Internet domain names, and Lectures in Company*.


* Customized lectures prepared to meet the needs and expectations of each client.


A trademark is a visually recognizable sign, the purpose of which is to identify and distinguish products and services from other products and services of a different origin in the same area of business. Because it deals with the visual identity of a product or service, it has a great value to its owner since it is the identity of the company, business, activity or product. In other words, it is what distinguishes a product from those already existing in the market. The protection and rights granted to an owner are set forth in the Industrial Property Law 9.279/96.


A patent is a temporary right granted to  its holder that guarantees a market reserve  allowing the exclusive exploitation of the invention. Industrial Property Law 9.279/96 provides a set of rights granted to the owner of an invention, and tools that can be used to protect  the right of exclusivity, thus preventing any practices of piracy.


Industrial Design is the physical and ornamental shape of an object or set of lines and colors that can be applied to a product, resulting in a new and original layout that can be used as a model for manufacturing purposes on an industrial scale. Under Industrial Property Law 9.279/96, the owner of the registration will be granted a right of exclusivity to exploit the invention, and several tools and measures will be placed at disposal to guarantee the rights granted as a result of such registration.


This is the area of Law that governs rights on artistic, literary, and scientific works, as well as related rights pertaining to copyright, such as actors’, performers’, phonogram producers’ and broadcasting companies’ rights. The legal protection of artistic works does not require any registration and is governed essentially by Law 9.610/98 or the Copyright Law, which allows authors to register with federal public administration agencies to which the registration of intellectual works is linked.


Software (i.e. computer programs) is defined as the expression of an organized set of instructions in natural or coded language, contained on a physical medium of any nature, that must be used on automatic data processing equipment, devices, peripheral instruments or equipment, based on digital or analogous technology, to make them operate in a certain manner and for certain purposes. In view of the global technology development and the importance of computers in our daily life, today the protection granted to them is guaranteed by a specific legislation (Law 9.609/98), and like the Copyright Law and the Industrial Property Law, it grants the owner a series of rights and measures to be adopted, aiming at the preservation and protection thereof.


Transfer of technology is handled on a case-by-case basis, depending on the nature and peculiarities of the item in question. According to the law, license agreements related to patents, trademarks, industrial designs, franchising and transfer of technology must be filed  before the Brazilian Trademark and Patent Office (INPI) in order to be effective towards third parties and receive proper tax treatment. AG Moreira offers advice on the preparation of contracts, advisory assessment, and filing of contracts before INPI, validating their effects in relation to third parties, and legitimizing the cross-border remittance of funds and tax deductibility.



The number of registrations of new Internet domain names is increasing every year In Brazil, which proves the potential of the Internet in the country. In other countries, this growth is even more significant. Attuned to the technological evolution of the modern world, AG Moreira offers registration services for Internet domain names and .BR extensions, as well as international domain name extensions (.COM, .US, etc.), always in accordance with the particularities of each country.


By offering this type of registration, we enable your company to be connected to the world, and the world to be connected to your company as well, providing a wide network of relationships and new business, with a guarantee that your domain name is properly protected.


Through this service, we will be able to meet the needs of your company, such as payment of registration renewal fees, which is an essential factor to prevent loss of an Internet domain name; temporary maintenance of domain names registered in our DNS servers; cancellations; transfers; global domain name search to determine the status of a domain name in more than 200 extensions in several countries.


AG Moreira holds specialized lectures on demand in companies on all services related to its area of expertise. They are customized according to the needs and expectations of the client, such as definition and profile of the target audience, key messages to be delivered, and evaluation of the achieved results. For more information about the lectures or how to schedule a presentation, please contact us through the “Contact Us” link.



We have expertise in all sectors and a multidisciplinary team of professionals.

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